It Hurts Me



Elvis Presley

It hurts me to see him treat you the way that he does
It hurts me to see you sit and cry
When I know I could be so true
If I had someone like you
It hurts me to see those tears in your eyes

The whole town is talking, they're callin' you a fool
For listening to his same old lies
And when I know I could be so true
If I had someone like you
It hurts me to see the way he makes you cry

You love him so much, you're too blind to see
He's only playing a game
He's never loved you, he never will
And darling, don't you know he' ll never change

I know that he never will set you free
Because he's just that kind of guy
But if you ever tell him you're through
I'll be waiting for you

Waiting, to hold you so tight
Waiting, to kiss you goodnight
Yes, darling, if I had someone like you

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Comments (4):
I agree with Michael from United Kingdom that Elvis could out sing any artist or singer when singing the right kind of song to show his vocal range. It's interesting that this song was recorded on January 12th,the exact day of my 5th birthday.Now that's what I call a birthday gift.
- George, Belleville, NJ
this is one of the greatest ballads elvis ever sang .he really feels this one. it is a power ballad as george rightly says. it is a song we don't hear enough. more's the pity.this song proved that elvis given the right song could out sing anyone.definitely one of the best
- michael, Eastleigh, United Kingdom
Elvis Presley recorded this song twice: The first time on January 12th 1964 and, for the NBC TV Special, on June 20th 1968. -Tony Versluis, Dordrecht, The Netherlands
- Tony, Dordrecht, Netherlands
I think it hurts me is one of the best songs Elvis sang during his career.I would label it a power ballad before that term was even used.Elvis got a chance to show his vocal range and power on that number.a classic.
- George, Belleville, NJ
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