California Über Alles



Dead Kennedys

I am Governor Jerry Brown
My aura smiles
And never frowns
Soon I will be president

Carter power will soon go away
I will be Führer one day
I will command all of you
Your kids will meditate in school

California Ã?ber Alles
Ã?ber Alles California

Zen fascists will control you
A hundred percent natural
You will jog for the master race
And always wear the happy face
Close your eyes, can't happen here
Big Bro' on white horse is near
The hippies won't come back you say
Mellow out or you will pay

California Ã?ber Alles
Ã?ber Alles California

Now it is 1984
Knock knock at your front door
It's the suede/denim secret police
They have come for your uncool niece

Come quietly to the camp
You'd look nice as a drawstring lamp
Don't you worry, it's only a shower
For your clothes here's a pretty flowerâ?¦

Die on organic poison gas
Serpent's egg's already hatched
You will croak, you little clown
When you mess with President Brown

California Ã?ber Alles
Ã?ber Alles California

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Jello Biafra was inspired to write the song by Jerry Brown setting himself up as a "leader" for the hippies in California to further his political career. The song takes this idea to the extreme as a comment on how roups of people can be manipulated by a "power hungry fascist"posing as a liberal(Jello's description of Jerry Brown).
A ery funny lyric (if you can cope with this kind of humour!) which mixes up images of hippy California and Nazi Germany ("suede-denim secret police"/"organic poion gas"/"jog for the master race" etc).
- ross, Leicester, United Kingdom
Love this song. Now it's 1984. 1984 is a great book.
- Corey, Richmond, VA
This was later redone by the Diposable Heroes of HipHoprisy in 1991 with lyrics about then Governor Pete Wilson. I think the fascist references work better with Wilson than with Jerry Brown.
- Mikey, Ft Worth, TX
Possibly one of my favorite Dead Kennedy songs, i love the DK's vocals, that kindy shaky-cool tone, and i love the chorus of this, it just sounds so awesome!
- Ziggy, Redding, CA
Jello Biafra did a version of this song with the Melvins called Kalifornia Uber Alles, taking the perpective of California governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar (sp).
- Dee Dee, Seattle, WA
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